CIOsynergy; a symposium that has redefined problem solving within the office of the CIO, here we'll explore the successes, failures, and battles of these officers on the frontlines of innovation.


Moderated by CIOTalkRadio host Sanjog Aul, and led by a panel of CIOs, we'll discuss the single most challenging task of IT leaders today - data protection and management. Together we'll build an ultimate roadmap for the Office of the CIO through the collaboration of New York's top IT leaders on December 2.


Ensuring enterprise data security - it's what keeps the CIO up at night.  While IT strives to deliver solutions that drive and accelerate business, the weight of data security and corporate compliance always tails.  And with data breaches on the rise and mobile employees accessing data from any device, anywhere, CIOs are up against more hurdles than ever before.  We could not have chosen a better venue to exchange ideas and best practices for the protection of corporate data than under the umbrella of an epicurean lunch and revealing discussions at this stunning marvel in New York.